Unleash your
AI capabilities.
Without the mess.

It is clear that we need this solution; either we choose to invest in this or choose to continue struggling when it comes to achieving value from AI projects.

Chief Data Officer at 
Top 3 Belgian Bank

An end-to-end platform that brings fast, secure and regulatory compliant AI deployment to your doorstep.

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Secure & scalable


Get back in the driver's seat 
and focus on building AI models, we'll take care of the deployment

A robust, secure and easily scalable deployment layer allows you to highly simplify the integration of AI output in your business processes

Compliancy is key, we allow you to monitor model performance, bias, PII input data and enable full-cycle auditability

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Built on top of great technology

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Structured methodology & standardised deployment brings value

full cycle auditor

available modules

without compromising on freedom to choose the right tool for the right AI model

GDPR & PII logger

model performance monitor

SLA dashboard

enterprise-grade availability

explainability & bias

ROI monitor

model benchmark & promotor

model broker

deployment runtime