Scalable, compliant & MLops-driven model deployments

User focused

Putting the machine learning engineer in the driver seat of a strongly MLOps focused model deployment flow.


Detailed resource, usage and performance monitoring out-of-the-box.


Everything you need to adhere to the newest regulations around AI deployment.

User focused

  • Lightweight integration

    Preparing models is as easy as adding a few lines of instructions in your code.

  • Freedom of choice

    Due to our clean process of deployment you will retain maximum freedom in choosing the modelling tools you deem relevant.

  • MLOps focused

    Our CLI & UI combination is highly intuitive to use and allows for clean integration in your MLOps deployment pipelines.

Robust & scalable

  • Autoscaling

    Cost-efficient autoscaling of model instances from 0 to whatever fits your need.

  • High-availability predictions

    Be able to depend on your solutions whenever you need them.

Regulatory compliant

  • Monitoring

    Actively monitor model performance & usage, get actively notified when drift occurs.

  • Full-cycle prediction tracing

    You're able to understand how a prediction came to be even years after it was made.

  • Governed model store

    Transparent, persistent and comparable model versions.

Our customers trust us.

We are trusted to host millions of predictions per day.

12+ million
Predictions per day

Bring your framework
of choice

We make sure you can deploy it ❤️

Plans that scale with you

You monthly pricing depends on actual resource consumption. Automated cost-optimization is done for you based on scale bounds you defined.
Per Instance, Per Hour
  • 3GB RAM
  • 1 CPU core
  • Auto scale to 0
  • Scale to 3  instances / model
  • Unlimited storage & versions
  • For non-commercial usage
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Perfect starter
Per Instance, Per Hour
  • Includes all free features
  • 4GB RAM
  • 1 CPU core
  • Free when not used
  • Auditable predictions
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Highly customizable machine types
  • Includes all starter features
  • Up to 265+ GB RAM
  • Up to 64+ CPU cores
  • Up to 10+ GPUs
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Can I upgrade later on?

Changing to different machine types is a easy as adjusting your deployment configuration.

Are all features included?

With the exception of single-sign on all features are available in the free version. Single-sign on is available from the moment you upgrade to a paid plan.

Is "free" completely free?

It is! As long as the free machine type suites your needs you're good to go. Are you hosting a data-for-good initiative and looking for a sponsor, contact us!

Can I request high-performance SLAs?

Sure, just get in touch with your exact questions and we'll get back to you ASAP!

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